Coaching and Spiritual Care

Not all who wander are lost.

If you are looking for…
~help navigating deconstruction
~guidance in healing generational trauma
~someone neutral to talk with about your spiritual path,
please get in touch with me and let’s see if we are a good fit for working together. I have 20 years of experience in holistic spiritual care, mentoring, and group facilitation, and I would love the honor of holding space with you as you navigate your healing journey.

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Spiritual Care

Individual sessions (1 hour each): Holistic, trauma-informed healing work to bring deeper transformation and freedom from fear and shame. During your free consultation, I can give you an estimate of how many sessions we may need to work through your main point of need. These sessions can also serve as follow-up to Enneagram work.

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Enneagram Life Coaching

I use the Enneagram framework in my coaching to help clients discover the patterns in why they do what they do. The Enneagram provides space and tools for rich exploration of your personality, core motivations, and relationship tendencies, leading to life transformation at a spiritual level.

Free 20-minute consultation. Start your journey here. Includes basic Q&A so we can see if we are a good fit for working together. 

Discovering You session (90 minutes): Recommended for all new clients. Includes discussion of your Enneagram typing results to move toward self-wisdom and clarity. Also includes resourcing for preparation of deeper work, such as mindfulness meditation and practices for neutralizing shame.

Exploring You package (5 sessions, 1 hour each): Includes in-depth discussion of your Enneagram type, wings, instinctual subtype, stances, and tritype. Tailored for your current goals and needs to move toward deeper healing. Explore your unique personality patterns under stress, patterns of growth and integration, blind spot path, and convergence path. Explore the wounding messages you internalized from childhood, and learn ways to neutralize shame when they are activated.

Couples Coaching package (4 sessions, 1 hour each): Includes dynamic discussion of how your types interact, your patterns within conflict, and how to transform your relationship toward paths of resilience and harmony. 

Family Coaching (2 hour session): Includes guided group meditation tailored to your family’s main point of need; can include discussion of how your types are interacting within the family unit, goal setting and family agreements, parent education, and mediation. Please contact me directly for scheduling.

Group Coaching: contact for pricing and a tailored program for your group. Can include half-day or weekend workshops, retreats, and seminars. Please contact me for next steps.

Career Coaching

Individual sessions (1 hour each): During this time together, we will discuss your purpose and vision for your life, and what it might look like for you to holistically align within your everyday work. For more information, click here.

Relationship Transition Coaching

Individual, couple, and/or family sessions (90 minutes each): I come alongside you and your loved ones to help create a safe environment where goals, expectations, and concerns can be explored. Some examples of relationship transitions are getting married, separating or divorcing, adding a member to the family (birth, adoption, remarriage, etc.), young adults leaving home for college or career, or parents who are entering assisted living.

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My approach for all services:

  • Healing-centered: we are looking for the way forward. Our trauma does not define us, and the world needs what we each have to offer.
  • Attachment-focused: we need deep connection. We are rebuilding our bonds with God and with other people.
  • Holistic: we are whole people–mind, body, and spirit–who have often been disintegrated or fractured by any number of circumstances. We are restoring our connections with the Divine: with God, self, others, and creation.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed mental health care practitioner and do not provide psychotherapy or mental health treatment. During our intake process and subsequent plan we develop together, I will refer you to therapies, counseling, coaching, legal, and/or medical help as necessary.