Coaching and Spiritual Care

Not all who wander are lost.

Self care is essential but so is community care. We need that connection; healing is both individual and collective. Shall we walk together?

If you are looking for…
~help navigating deconstruction and decolonization
~guidance in healing generational trauma
~a healing partner to help integrate trauma,
please get in touch with me and let’s see if we are a good fit for working together. I began coaching in 2019 and have more than 20 years of experience in holistic spiritual care, mentoring, and group facilitation. I would love the honor of holding space with you as you navigate your healing journey. I can work with clients in any time zone and embrace folks of all genders, races, LGBTQIA+, and neurodiversity.

What clients are saying: Testimonials and Endorsements

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Trauma Integration & Spiritual Care

Individual sessions (50 minutes each): Holistic, trauma-integrating healing work to bring deeper transformation and liberation from fear and shame. This is embodied healing work highly customized for each client. May include EFT tapping and other evidence-based somatic healing approaches, talking through and processing emotions, vagus nerve strengthening exercises, guided mindfulness meditation, plant medicine and herbalism, dreamwork, and/or ancestral work. Many clients are former evangelicals, sensitive souls, and survivors of spiritual trauma. I am also very experienced in helping people set boundaries and heal from narcissistic abuse.

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Enneagram Life Coaching

I use the Enneagram framework in my coaching as a follow-up to a client’s trauma integration, to help clients discover the patterns in why they do what they do. The Enneagram provides space and tools for rich exploration of your personality, core motivations, and relationship tendencies, leading to life transformation at a spiritual level. Click here for more information about Enneagram work.

Free 20-minute consultation. Start your journey here. Includes basic Q&A so we can see if we are a good fit for working together. 

Career Coaching

Individual sessions (50 minutes each): During this time together, we will discuss your purpose and vision for your life, and what it might look like for you to holistically align within your everyday work. For more information, click here.

Relationship Coaching

Individual, couple, and/or family sessions (90 minutes each): I come alongside you and your loved ones to help create a safe environment where goals, expectations, and concerns can be explored. Some examples of relationship transitions are getting married, separating or divorcing, adding a member to the family (birth, adoption, remarriage, etc.), young adults leaving home for college or career, family members with a new medical diagnosis or entering hospice, or parents who are transitioning to assisted living. I also have experience supporting families whose loved one is choosing death with dignity.

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My approach for all services:

  • Healing-centered: we are looking for the way forward. Our trauma does not define us, and the world needs what we each have to offer.
  • Attachment-focused: we need deep connection. We are rebuilding our bonds with the Divine and with other people.
  • Holistic: we are whole people–mind, body, and spirit–who have often been disintegrated or fractured by any number of circumstances. We are restoring our connections with the Divine: with Creator, self, others, and the land.

Disclaimer: While most clients find our time together therapeutic, I am not a licensed mental health care practitioner and do not provide psychotherapy or mental health treatment. During our intake process and subsequent plan we develop together, I will refer you to therapies, counseling, coaching, legal, and/or medical help as necessary.