Testimonials and Endorsements

Here’s what clients and others are saying about me and my work:

Breaking Evangelical is phenomenal. I wish that every single western Christian could read it. Ashley completely encapsulated everything I’ve gone through this year. She’s brilliant, in all the ways.


I reached out to Dr. Davis Gavila for career counseling after a toxic work experience left me feeling stuck. I knew I needed to make a big change, but I was paralyzed with fear and a bad case of imposter syndrome. Ashley was wonderful! After a few months, I had developed a plan, and more importantly, had gained a lot of insight into what kind of environment I need to do my best work and what kinds of work I need to feel fulfilled. Each session gave me a lot of content to “chew on,” and it felt like was really getting to know myself for the first time. A work friend even noticed that the way I talked about myself had improved dramatically and that I wasn’t bogging down conversations about my ambitions with limiting self-talk. I’ve come out of this experience kinder to myself about what I would have once classified as faults, and, as I transition into this new phase, I’ve organized my work around what I’ve learned about my needs and am learning to establish work/life boundaries. I can’t recommend Dr. Davis Gavila enough. She’s truly empathetic and encouraging, and I found that the mix of practical and spiritual work was perfect for me. I look forward to working with her on other facets of my life.


What words best describe how you feel during or after a session with Ashley? 

Held, recognized, enlightened, intrigued, encouraged, heard, peace, valued, present, grounded, magnificent, relieved, validated, comforted, confident, understood, refreshed, curious, accepted

What words would you use to describe Ashley herself?

Soothing, gentle, delightful, enthusiastic, engaged, understanding, affirming, responsive, great listener, great responder/feedback, compassionate, warm, unassuming, insightful, kind, open, encouraging

What would you say to someone that is thinking of working with Ashley?

Do it!


I have already referred many friends to Ashley. I always say that I have felt affirmed and respected by her. I feel growth and assurance happening in my being. It isn’t scary or awkward, because I am allowed to just be honest in a safe and compassionate environment.


I would tell them to just speak with Ashley about themselves and their plans for moving forward. They will experience for themselves how much the communication with Ashley will brighten their day and encourage them to further seek their desires.


Schedule a consultation, by the end you will have a clear picture of how she operates, the methods she will use to help you meet your goals and whether or not you feel you can communicate effectively to one another.


Just do it. Ashley is one of the best listeners, & very encouraging.


Ashley is insightful and gentle. A professional who presents information well and then guides you through practical application. Always open for questions and follow-up work. Working with Ashley was one thing in my hectic schedule that I always looked forward to.