Neurodivergent does not mean broken; neurodivergent is beautiful.

Maybe you’ve always felt a little out of place, like everyone else received some sort of “How to Be a Human” manual and you missed out.
Maybe you’ve felt broken or defective your entire life and want to learn how to like yourself.
Maybe you feel like you've had to live your life based on other people’s expectations and want to reclaim yourself and live more authentically. 
Maybe you've struggled to identify your feelings and needs, and want support in setting boundaries in your relationships.

Maybe you’re a parent and your child was recently diagnosed with ADHD or Autism and you’re unsure what to do next. 
Maybe you’re wondering if your child might be neurodivergent but don’t know where to start in determining that, or your medical team isn’t seeing what you’re seeing.
Maybe your neurodivergent kiddo is really struggling and you want to learn how to coregulate with them.

Maybe you suspect you're Autistic or ADHD, but it's been too hard to find someone to diagnose you.
Maybe you’ve done lots of behavioral or cognitive therapy, and now you’re ready to soothe your nervous system and trust your body by co-regulating via soul nerve & soul muscle reps.
Maybe you're an empath who needs support in managing your energy flow and how to replenish and alchemize.
Maybe you’re exhausted from surviving ableist systems and need support from someone who understands and is trying to do things differently.

Hi! I’m a Neurodivergent Trauma Coach & Herbalist.

Hello, dear one! I’m Dr. Ashley M. Davis (she/her/they). I’m a Neurodivergent Trauma Coach & Herbalist, and a disabled, single parent to a 2e kiddo. I love supporting other sensitive, neurodistinct folks like me, who want to embody authenticity, compassion, liberation, and community. I also love coaching parents of neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ kids and supporting families of all kinds as they create their own unique harmony together in their homes. If you’re looking for a healing partner, keep reading and let’s see if we are a good match!

Ashley, a light-skinned femme with long, dark brown hair, is sitting in front of pink and yellow flowers. She is smiling and wearing her favorite KEXP tshirt.

I offer intuitive trauma coaching and herbalism consultations for neurodivergent folks and the people who love them.

~Intuitive, Embodied, & Holistic~
~Care for Self, Community, & the Land~

diverse woman standing close and looking at camera

Self-care is essential but so is community care. We need authentic connection; healing is both individual and collective. Shall we walk together?

If you’re here, you’re likely feeling drawn to peace and safety but also want some “good trouble” (as John Lewis called it). You’re looking for someone who understands, who is grounded yet spiritual (like you). Maybe you’re highly sensitive and you’ve been hurt… a lot. But you’re a survivor. Maybe you need a safe place to process grief, to learn how to navigate trauma, and to reintegrate and reclaim yourself and your community. If you’re ready for a healing partner, I can’t wait to connect with you.

I believe you are whole just as you are, and that within your wounds lies the medicine for your healing. In other words, you already have what it takes; we just might need to get curious and a little adventurous to find it! I love partnering with people in their unique healing journeys and bearing witness to that journey’s magic. We’ll partner together to help you go from feeling defeated, scattered, confused, and isolated to feeling empowered, compassionate toward yourself and others, grounded, and more balanced. I will help you:
~ explore and alchemize the effects of stress and trauma for neurodivergent/neurodistinct people,
~ practice self-compassion, coregulation, setting boundaries, & self-care (possibly including herbal support),
~ learn how to manage your energy flow,
~ explore healing your intuition through polyvagal somatic movements (soul nerve & soul muscle reps) and re-rooting with the land,
~ feel supported through challenges within your relationships,
~ build the confidence you need to trailblaze your own path through ableist systems, and
~ if you’re a parent, help you explore neurodiversity-affirming strategies for parenting your kids.

Wow, that’s a lot! It might even seem like too much to process right now, and that’s ok. This is your journey and I’m always willing to slow down (or speed up!), repeat when necessary, change strategies if you need a different approach, and take everything at your pace.

After working with me, people often tell me they feel seen and heard, encouraged, valued, validated, and understood. They also say they feel lighter and more confident and curious. If that feels like something you want, isn’t it time, dear one?

In addition to education and coaching, I also offer herbal consultations for supporting focus, resilience, energy levels, sleep, and mood. While I am definitely not against using pharmaceutical medications, I believe herbal medicine can be a powerful and effective option for many neurodivergent folks because I have seen how it’s helped me as an Autistic, ADHD, gifted (2e) person living with chronic illness and chronic pain. Although I don’t source or sell psychedelics, I also offer herbal consultations about microdosing and ceremony, as well as provide pre-ceremony and post-ceremony integration coaching.

~Serving clients worldwide~

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