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What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is a beautiful framework that helps us to understand why we do the things we do. The Enneagram helps us to appreciate the unique ways we each see the world, to acknowledge how we were wounded as children, and to understand our patterns of behavior under various circumstances. I will come alongside you in the journey to teach and guide, but more so to empower you and to bear witness to your transformation.

The Enneagram provides space and tools for rich exploration of your personality, core motivations, and relationship tendencies, leading to life transformation at a spiritual level.

Discovering You Session  (1 hour 30 minutes)

“Know thyself.” Knowing your main type can help you understand your inner wiring, worldview, and patterns of behavior. We will look at any assessment results you’ve been given and discuss the basics of the Enneagram to help you discern your main type. This includes exploring the main triads and the core motivations of your possible type(s), as well as the two wing possibilities, stances (how you relate to others), and instinctual subtypes.

Recommended prerequisite for Exploring You Sessions.

Exploring You: Session 1  (50 minutes)

We discuss your core motivations, internal message, paths for your main type, your coaching goals, and more. Includes guide sheet PDF.

Discovering You typing session is recommended as a prerequisite.

Exploring You: Session 2  (50 minutes)

We dive deeper into your triad, your hidden side, potential relationship issues, and more. Includes guide sheet PDF.

Exploring You Session 1 is required as a prerequisite.

Exploring You: Session 3  (50 minutes) 

We dive deeper into your wings and levels of alignment–healthy, average, and unhealthy. Includes guide sheet PDF.

Exploring You Sessions 1 and 2 are required prerequisites.

Exploring You: Session 4  (50 minutes) 

We discuss your main type’s childhood patterns, childhood wounding message, defense mechanisms, and what your type longs to hear. Includes guide sheet PDF.

Exploring You Sessions 1-3 are required prerequisites.

Exploring You: Session 5  (50 minutes)

This session is reflective on the implications of growth for you, and what life transformation might continue to look like. Includes guide sheet PDF.

Exploring You Sessions 1-4 are required prerequisites.

Enneagram Coaching: Couples Sessions  (50 minutes) 

Do you and your partner know your main type and how those types tend to interact? Discover your types’ patterns in conflict, how your types tend to behave when needs are not met, and how your family of origin has formed your individual “relationship template.” This is deep, powerful work that will enhance and strengthen you both individually and as a couple!

Fantastic follow-up to Discovering You typing sessions for each person in the couple.

Recommend 4 sessions, meeting once every other week.

All sessions done via Zoom!

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The Journey Begins

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Maybe you’re questioning your faith.

Maybe you’re tired of organized religion.

Maybe you’re sick of church and going through the motions.

Maybe you’re tired of walking wounded by religious people who claim to love you.

Researchers show that a growing percentage of Americans identify as “Spiritual But Not Religious.” A vast number of these individuals have come from Christian backgrounds.

If this is you, you’re not alone.

I’ve spent the past few years asking questions, listening to stories, reading research studies, and writing a doctoral dissertation on this very topic. People are hurting and you might be one of them. But there is hope.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton