You Are Not Alone.

Dr. Ashley is wearing her favorite KEXP shirt, sitting outside on the grass with pink and yellow flowers in bloom behind her. She has light skin and long dark hair, and is smiling.
Dr. Ashley Davis Gavila, DMin (she/her)

Self-care is essential but so is community care. We need that connection; healing is both individual and collective. Shall we walk together?

Welcome! If you’re here, you’re feeling drawn to peace and safety but also want some “good trouble” (as John Lewis called it). You’re looking for someone who understands. You’re highly sensitive and you’ve been hurt… a lot. But you’re a survivor. Maybe you need a safe place to process grief, to learn how to navigate trauma, and to reintegrate and reclaim yourself and your community. If you’re ready for a healing partner, I can’t wait to connect with you.

I offer trauma integration coaching and intuitive spiritual care for neurodivergent folx, former evangelicals, and survivors of spiritual and/or religious trauma.

~Break generational cycles~
~Navigate deconstruction~
~Care for self, community, and the land~

My Services:
Coaching & Spiritual Care for healing
-Enneagram Life Coaching for returning to yourself
-Relationship Coaching for healing your relationships
-Career Coaching for aligning your work
-Workshops for collective trauma education and healing

~Serving clients worldwide~