You Are Not Alone.

Dr. Ashley Davis Gavila, Trauma Recovery Coaching and Intuitive Healing
Dr. Ashley Davis Gavila, DMin

Self-care is essential but so is community care. We need that connection; healing is both individual and collective. Shall we walk together?

Welcome! If you’re here, you’re feeling drawn to peace and safety but also want some “good trouble.” You’ve been hurt… a lot. But you’re a survivor. You often feel like you’re too much for people… you’ve been told you feel too deeply, that you’re too sensitive… But what if that is your superpower? If you’re ready for a healing partner, I can’t wait to connect with you. Let’s enter the divine dance and see what changes come.

I offer trauma integration coaching and intuitive spiritual care for highly sensitive people (HSPs), former evangelicals, and survivors of spiritual trauma.

~Break generational cycles~
~Navigate deconstruction~
~Care for self, community, and the land~

My Services:
-Spiritual Care for healing from spiritual trauma
-Enneagram Life Coaching for returning to yourself
-Relationship Transition Coaching for healing your relationships
-Career Coaching for aligning your work

~Serving clients worldwide~