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A Few of My Favorite Things! Resources for Neurodivergent Folx and the People Who Love Them

I’m a neurodivergent (ND) trauma coach, so if you need to talk more about this please book an appointment with me!

As an ND person, I have spent a lifetime trying to figure myself out and to help neurotypical (NT) people understand me. Since so many of my clients are neurodivergent and/or have neurodivergent loved ones, I am often asked for neurodiversity-affirming resources. I’ll keep this article updated as I run across more!! Please note that I receive no compensation for sharing these resources below!! They are folks I’ve discovered organically over the last several years.

  • NeuroSpark Health is a neurodivergent-led group of folks providing Autism and ADHD diagnostic assessments for adults. They can work with folks in 41 states and counting!
  • Neuroclastic is an autistic-led disability rights nonprofit, and a great alternative to non-affirming organizations (such as Autism Speaks). Find them on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Lives in the Balance (founded by Ross Greene) provides training and support that is a great alternative to ABA and other behavioral approaches.
  • Thriving Autistic is committed to empowering and promoting the human rights of Autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people through a transformative shift away from the traditional medical and charity models towards a human rights-based approach. They have a growing list of ND therapists and coaches here.
  • Say Hooray is a neurodiversity-affirming, ND-led group that helps folks access diagnosis. Based in Australia.
  • Neurodivergent Therapists is an effort to match ND clients with ND therapists. Find them on Instagram.
  • TraumaGeek (Janae Elizabeth) develops neuroscience education for parents and helping professionals. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Neurowild (Em) is an Autistic and ADHD speech pathologist, and their resources are phenomenal! I love the Neurodiversity-Affirming IEP Accommodations resource. Find them on Instagram and Facebook.
  • The PDA Society offers resources for home and school to support folks with a PDA profile (pathological demand avoidance is the most well-known meaning of PDA but I prefer the more affirming Perpetual Drive for Autonomy)
  • Fidgets and Fries (Tiffany Hammond) is a Black Autistic author and parent to autistic kids. Find her on Instagram and Facebook.
  • The Neurodivergent Teacher (McAlister) is a ND accessibility specialist. Find her on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Dr. Neff, Neurodivergent Insights offers all kinds of resources for late-diagnosed ND folks. Instagram
  • ADDitude Magazine is a must for articles for all ND folks and neurotypical folks wanting to understand ND realities. Find their website here.
  • AUsome Training offers parent training courses for parents and professionals.
  • Sauce Strap is an ND-led shop that makes earplugs, earplug holders, and other items.
  • ChronicKali is a UK-based shop that makes some really neat communication cards and also tons of affirming stickers and clothing. Find them on Etsy.
  • Everything Unspoken is a shop that makes affirming pins and other cool items. Find them on Etsy.

More Amazing Advocates and Educators


  • Unmasking Autism: Discovering the New Faces of Neurodiversity by Devon Price
  • Laziness Does Not Exist by Devon Price
  • Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman
  • The Explosive Child by Ross Greene
  • The Neurodivergent Friendly Workbook of DBT Skills by Sonny Jane Wise
  • Raising Kids with Big, Baffling Behaviors: Brain-Body-Sensory Strategies that Really Work by Robyn Gobbel
  • Sensory: Life on the Spectrum: An Autistic Comics Anthology by Bex Ollerton
  • Bite-Sized Autism by Dana Waters
  • Wonderfully Wired Brains by Louise Gooding, illustrated by Ruth Burrows
  • The Rainbow Brain by Sandhya Menon, illustrated by Kushia Ross
  • A Different Sort of Normal by Abigail Balfe
  • A Day with No Words by Tiffany Hammond, illustrated by Kate Cosgrove
  • Speak Up! by Rebecca Burgess

Facebook Groups

TikTok Creators


  • How We Feel. This is a fabulous feelings app to help spot emotional patterns over time.
  • Endel: Focus, Sleep, Relax. I am still new to this one, but it has a ton of soundscapes backed by science.
  • Finch: Self Care Pet. I love this app and use it every day to track self-care and it’s so cute! Add me as a friend?! My code is 9W92PCGNKD
  • Plum Village: Zen Meditation. A great app with loads of mindfulness meditations and other resources from the community of Thich Nhat Hanh.
  • Tiny Decisions. Spin the wheel to make a choice!
  • Owaves: Wellness Day Planner. I haven’t gotten too far with this one but I think it would be great for many folks!!
  • Houston: For Inner Space. This is an app for tracking microdosing, intentions, and mood.
  • Impulse Brain Training. I’m still checking this one out so I can’t say much as to the accuracy of the IQ, ADHD, and other tests, but it has strong potential!!
  • Hiki. I’m still on the fence about this one–it is a social platform for the Autistic community. Let me know if you’ve found other apps like this one!

Discord Servers

  • OneFreeCommunity
  • Autistic Psychedelic Community

IEP/504 Resources

You can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram, where I often share resources to my feed and stories. I know there are even more incredible resources out there, so feel free to comment or send me a message with your favorites!

If you or someone you know would like to work with me on healing the trauma most of us have endured as neurodivergent people in a world built by and for neurotypicals, please get in touch with me or schedule a free consultation.

Disclaimer: While most clients find our time together therapeutic, I am not a licensed mental health care practitioner and do not provide psychotherapy or mental health treatment. During our intake process and subsequent plan we develop together, I will refer you to therapies, counseling, coaching, legal, and/or medical help as necessary.

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