Rates & Payments

I offer three tiers of pricing, based on whether you hold a historically marginalized identity as well as your financial privilege. (Unfortunately, insurance companies do not recognize my work and I cannot bill to insurance.)

Rebalancing Rates (I have resources and would like to contribute to equitable access)

Individual Sessions: $250

Couples/Family Sessions: $450

Herbalism Consultations: $375

Fair Rates (I have sufficient resources)

Individual sessions: $150

Couples/Family Sessions: $270

Herbalism Consultations: $225

Supported Rates (I am under-resourced and need community support)

Individual Sessions: $60

Couples/Family Sessions: $90

Herbalism Consultations: $75

As a single parent, this work is my only source of income and how I keep food on the table. With gratitude and humility, I invite you to consider your financial privilege (and whether you hold historically marginalized identities) as you determine what you are able to pay for sessions and to be in right relationship with me. I’m a self-employed, one-woman shop. I live with disabilities that prevent me from working “full time.” I come from poverty and a working-class family. I hold marginalized identities and I am raising a child with disabilities and marginalized identity. So, we are ourselves are under-resourced and understand the financial strain of living in this current economic, oppressive reality.

Because my family depends on this income, and to honor my time and energy, I have a late-cancel fee policy in which I request payment for any appointment missed with less than 24-48 hours’ notice given to me, and I do not give refunds for any services at any time.

Open Path Healing Arts Collective update: Unfortunately, the organization had to close its doors in August 2023. If you were a member, please let me know your Member ID to access reduced rates.

I do offer free group experiences and gatherings from time to time; please subscribe to my newsletter to be alerted when they are offered.

You can choose the amount once you click on the button above. Please consider adding an additional $5 to help offset fees. (The confirmation email will use the term ‘subscription,’ but this is a one-time payment.)

Scan the above QR code in your banking app to pay via Zelle, or get in touch with me for my phone number.

If the option is provided, please use the “friends and family” option on Venmo and PayPal to avoid fees. If you do choose “goods and services,” or it does not provide an option otherwise, please add an additional $5 to help offset fees.