I offer my services on a pay-what-you-can basis. Suggested ranges for 1:1 individual sessions: $60-$150 each; couples sessions: $90-$225 each; group sessions: $25-$80 each or $200-$640 per 8-week group class. If this is a hardship, please let me know so we can discuss!

Please use the “friends and family” option on PayPal to avoid fees.

With the exception of professional consults/mentoring, I offer all my services on a pay-what-you-can basis. I have been told this is terrible business practice, but it is what is right in my heart, as I want to make this work as widely accessible as possible.

This work is my primary source of income. With gratitude and humility, I invite you to consider your financial privilege as you determine what you are able to pay for sessions. My spouse and I come from poverty and working class families and both live with disabilities, so we understand the financial strain of living in this current reality.

Insurance companies do not recognize my work, so unfortunately I am unable to bill to insurance.

If you would like to make a full-price payment:

1:1 Session

Spiritual care, Enneagram, career coaching; 50-minute session


Couples or Family Session

90-minute session


Professional Consult/Mentoring

90-minute session


Group Class: 4 Weeks

4-week group class


Group Class: 8 Weeks

8-week group class