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Now Accepting Clients for Career Coaching

Our world is shifting into a new age of what it means to work and have a career. We aren’t machines; we are humans. Many of us are asking good questions like:

  • What is “work” and what is its purpose?
  • Why have an office job when I could make more money on OnlyFans?
  • What are my time, attention, talent, and resources worth?
  • What did my ancestors do to make ends meet? Were they wealthy? Did they have a trade?
  • How do I survive working in an industry that may be corrupt?
  • What can I do to make ends meet and serve my community well?

Ideally, we spend our time in efforts that are reciprocal in terms of energy. This means you receive in equal return for what you give. We may enter into a time of history where that return includes goods and services and not just currency, but right now money is usually the mainstream return of our energy investments.

As people who are healing and concerned with the highest good of all creation, we want to invest our time, attention, talent, and resources in efforts toward the liberation and flourishing of our communities. But this can be an enormous challenge and may require a level of privilege that we do not have. What do we do in the meantime to make ends meet?

Let’s work together to explore these questions and see where your natural abilities align with your community’s needs in a reciprocal way.

Learn more about me here and more about payments here.

Disclaimer: Career coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy or other healthcare. While most clients find our time together therapeutic, I am not a licensed mental health care practitioner and do not provide psychotherapy or mental health treatment. During your intake process and subsequent plan we develop together, I will refer you to therapies, counseling, coaching, legal, and/or medical help as necessary.

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